Admission and Fees

  1. All applications of students for admission to any class in the Institution should be submitted in the prescribed form soon after the declaration of the results of the preceding examination. Late applications may not be accepted.
  2. No student will ordinarily be readmitted to the Institution after an unsuccessful attempt at an Examination.
  3. As soon as the applicant is notified that admission has been offered to him/her, the full fees become payable. Until such payment is made to the Office, or allowed by the Office to be deferred in full or part, the offer of admission is liable to be cancelled.
  4. Parents or guardians have to accompany the student at the time of admission.
  5. Unless permitted by the Principal, Vice-Principal to do so, all applicants for admission should settle their fees not less than a week after they become due (if for the first term) or after the last date for payment (if for the second term) shall ordinarily pay, in addition, a fine of Rs. 5/- per day for the first week after the last date of payment. Thereafter, the fine will be Rs.10/- per day.
  6. All admissions are valid only for a year, and are, therefore, to be renewed for each year of study.
  7. Only students who have secured grades between A to G are eligible for admission to Std. XII.
  8. Students seeking admission in Std. XII but who will be out of station at the time of the finalization of admission will have to seek prior admission failing which admission may be denied. Such students have to finalize their admission at a date stipulated later, after keeping a deposit of Rs. 1000/- and on payment of late fee.
  9. Fees (Pupils’ Fund, Term Fees, etc.) paid by the student at the time of admission will be forfeited in case the student withdraws his/her admission.

The withdrawal of admission will be allowed provided that:

  1. At the time of applying for admission, he/she intimates in writing that he/she has also applied for, or intends to apply for admission, to any other eligible Institution that imparts instruction for Diploma or other Courses.
  2. He/she withdraws his/her application for admission in writing immediately after he/she is admitted to this Institution, or by 1st July, whichever is earlier.  In such cases, it shall be binding on the student to produce documentary proof on his being admitted there to.



  1. To get admitted to the Higher Secondary a student has to pass Std. X of Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or any equivalent examination with proven ability on merit.
  2. Students who have completed Secondary Education outside Goa and have obtained certificates from the respective   Board will be admitted subject to availability of seats, provided he/she meets the required criteria.
  3. Students seeking admission to the Institution have to submit the application for provisional admission to the Office along with one photo copy of statement of marks.
  4. The admission panels will then scrutinize the application and grant admission on merit. Those students on the           waiting list should check the Notice Board within the next two days
  5. All students at the time of finalization of admission have to submit to the Office:
    1. Original Statement of Marks of Std. X & two photocopies.
    2. Original Leaving Certificate with two photocopies (Please note original Leaving Certificate will not be returned)
    3. Two photocopies of Birth Certificate
    4. Two photocopies of Character Certificate
    5. Payment Receipt
    6. Two ID card size photographs

For Students joining from other Countries/States/Education Boards:

  1. G) Original Migration Certificate and one photocopy.
    H) Attested photocopy of Std. X Marksheet.
    I)  Passing Certificate (one attested xerox copy)
  2. J) Application form for Eligibility certificate & fees of Rs. 100/-
  3. K) Original Leaving Certificate and photocopy endorsed by:
    i)   Indian Embassy (for students joining from other countries).
    ii)  State Education Authorities (for students joining from other states)


  1. Students are advised to keep with them photo copies of statement of marks and Leaving  Certificate for any other use.  Leaving Certificate, once  submitted to the office, will not be returned.
  2. Names on all certificates should tally with School  Leaving Certificate.
  3. At the time of finalisation of admission, all students have to come accompanied with atleast one of their parent/guardian who should regularly monitor the progress of his/her wards throughout the Academic Year. The students are given a Report Card after each examination. Parents are expected to look into the academic progress of their ward.
  4. The courses in the Higher Secondary School are divided into Arts, Commerce, Science and Vocational streams.