Installation of the Social Wings

The Installation Ceremony of the social Wings of St. Xavier’s H.S.S., Mapusa was held on 8th July at 9:00 a.m. in the Ark Hall. The entire student community was present along with the teaching staff, the Principal, Vice-Principals & the Administrator. Ms. Jennifer Ferrao e Gonsalves was the Chief Guest.

The function began with a solemn Prayer Service. God’s blessings were invoked on the newly elected leaders. The formal function began soon afterwards. Ms. Belinda introduced the Chief Guest, Ms. Jennifer Ferrao e Gonsalves , an all-rounder, N.S.S. volunteer, sports woman and the Assist. Director at the Sports & Youth Affairs. The Principal addressed the gathering and told the student leaders to lead with example.

The office bearers and members of the social wings, namely the ‘Students Council’, the ‘Y.R.C. Unit’, ‘the N.S.S. Unit’ and the ‘Science Association’ took the oath administered to them and pledged to be responsible leaders.

Ms. Jennifer expressed her pride of being a Xaverite and she thanked the management for catering to both academic and social needs. Her message to the students was that as volunteers they should not wait to be asked to do a job but be leaders in helping the society. Her final advise was “By being a volunteer rise to the occasion for a better tomorrow”. The General Secretary, Mr. Adilio in his speech, thanked the students for voting for him and said he would take the discipline and performance of St. Xavier’s to a very high level. He would bring the student community together to achieve this goal. The meeting ended at 11 p.m. with a vote of thanks by the Cultural Secretary, Ms. Eesha Tirodkar.